About the Artist

Everett Mayo Mowing
Everett Mayo Mowing

Mayo’s career as an exhibiting painter and printmaker began in the 60’s. He has worked as a curator and gallerist in both public and private sectors since 1968 and has taught just as long. He has been exhibiting his work in NYC galleries since 1976 and worked for an extended period in Rome IT. After his return, his surrealist work was exhibited alongside such greats as Salvador Dali and Marcel Jean at the Fort Schuyler Galleries.

Over the decades his evolution as an artist has cycled from representation to abstraction, abstraction to representation and back…there has always been a metaphysical undercurrent in his work. There was a full decade from 1996 until 2006 when family responsibilities displaced art making and it has only been in the past decade that Mayo has returned to painting. Much of his recent painting is rooted in pattern inspired by Medieval Irish illumination, some of which is serious-minded, some is suggestive, and some is playful, not unlike their monastic origin. 2015 after several months living in Savannah some of his work has combined abstraction with historic cast iron motifs.

First and foremost he claims his task is to attempt to make paintings that are both physical and beautiful. Impasto brushwork with a light touch achieves the physicality desired and color opens and closes the space of the design. His work is found in the permanent collections of Coca Cola, IBM, and the Munson-Williams- Proctor Museum of Art amongst other public and private collections; his liturgical work is found at Our Lady of Lourdes in Utica, NY and at Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Rocky Mount, NC.

Mayo is partner in Andrejev Studios, a corporation dedicated to facilitating audience and the commercial needs in the arts.